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Benz Resource Group is a leader in project management services in the built environment. Founded in 2003 by Susan Benz, AIA, BRG serves the owner as an advocate who can guide and advise, establish goals and manage expectations, track progress, guard budgets and orchestrate final completion and move in. Perhaps most importantly, our work focuses on supporting good design solutions that result in economic and social value for our clients. Good design matters. 

Benz Resource Group

Knows the Importance of Good Design: As architects, sustainability experts and construction professionals, we understand the value added by high quality design solutions for the built environment. Whether it's a museum, theater, library or public park, how it looks, feels and functions makes a large difference in the success of any project.

Creates Value: BRG works to ensure a functional design, an efficient delivery team and a balanced budget. We work with you and the delivery team to identify and meet your functional needs and to proceed efficiently toward a common goal while reconciling the design to your budget.

Saves You Time: Creating a new facility takes a great deal of time and energy. As your representative, BRG is responsible to manage the delivery team, track schedules and budgets and present information to you for quick, intelligent decisions so that you can focus on what you do best.

Increases Accountability: BRG tracks the issues, deadlines, budgets and promises. We bring transparency to the process so that everyone on the team knows what is due, by when and by whom. Transparency brings accountability resulting in productivity leading to success.

Ensures Communication: Clear communication is essential for success. BRG maintains multiple communication tools to share and track information, ensuring that the delivery team is fully informed and that the owner has access to project information at all times.

Offers Solutions: BRG works with the owners and real estate brokers early in the process to develop optimum strategies. We support our clients in identifying delivery teams, providing due diligence in the selection process and preparing and negotiating contracts. BRG will identify and solicit proposals from specialty consultants to support our clients needs and make sure the delivery team's efforts are coordinated.

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