Susan Benz

Susan Benz, AIA, is known for her leadership in project management for significant construction projects including the Topfer Theatre at ZACH, the Munday Library at St. Edward’s University, the Beach Museum of Art at Kansas State University, and Fleck Hall at St. Edward’s University. Her ability to communicate and coordinate the design process and her high priority on cost control has earned respect and confidence from clients, consultants and contractors. In addition to her thirty years of experience in the construction industry, Susan’s leadership extends to the community through her participation in AIA Austin, the UT School of Architecture Advisory Council and the East Cesar Chavez Neighborhood Planning Team.

As mentioned Ms. Benz is, indeed, a rare leader. She is resolute in her optimism, patience and subtle guidance. The end project, however, speaks best for her: it is a work of quality and beauty, on schedule and under budget. She is a delight to work with and through the project new friendships have been made. As an administrator and professor of 33 years, I give Susan Benz my unqualified and highest recommendation. At the end of the day every one will appreciate that she is "the smartest person in the room".
Susan M. Scott, Ph.D., Founding Director, School of Leadership Studies, Kansas State University

Ginny Adkins

Ginny Adkins tracks all invoices, pay requests and billing histories for Benz Resource Group projects. She views accounting like a detective, working through the details to track the activities, purchases and whereabouts of the Team. Clear and concise reporting are key elements to sound project management and Ginny’s fifteen years in accounting have proven invaluable.

Ginny is a ray of sunshine, each time I call Benz Resource Group, she is always willing and eager to help with a cheery professional attitude. She is great at working through situations until they are resolved.
Tim Toney, Project Manager, St. Edward's University

Jet Boy

Jet Boy is a loyal and fierce defender of our clients’ interests.